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Well hello there!

Have you got a change of shammy ready?

The Halloween Night Ride returns to Northern Farm for a night of frights. A 20km night time adventure through the darkest trails of Northern Farm. There are things that go bump in the night, if you are not afraid to find them, then this is the thrill filled adventure for you.

Date : 2 November 2023

Venue : Northern Farm – Start & Finish at Northern Farm Clubhouse

Online entry is essential as the event is limited to just 150 riders

Start time : 18:30 – 18:45 rolling start

Entry fee : R160 includes a free beer from Copperlake Breweries

Tell us more…

The night ride features scares along the route by actual human’s or something like that. Bike lights are mandatory and not provided for by us!

You can join in the adventure in one of two ways. You can take to the course as a rider or a hider! What do we mean by that? If you ride, there is a paid for entry, however, if you want to dress up and scare on route then there is no fee. We will take you to a drop off point on route and collect you after the event. You will be safe and always be within 2 minutes of the control vehicle.

Come play precious…

So what will it be?

Have you got a question?

Alright, we know you may have questions

What time must we be there?

Arrive around 45 minutes before the ride, just now before 17:00

Are the trails open before the ride?

Negative, nope, sorry…

Is there a water point on route?

Nope, only if you fall in a dam

What if it rains?

Then we roll the event over 1 week & notify you via sms and email. That is only if the rain is serious enough for us to pull the plug.

Can you punch the scare crew?

They have chainsaws, we could not find fake knives, so those are real too. We do not suggest acting up against the scare team.

Is the route marked?

Yes, it is. The entire route is marked and closed off for the ride. It takes part in the inner most part of the farm and nowhere near the boundaries.

What if you fall?

Every sign on the farm has an emergency number, dial it and tell us what the name on the farm says. We will send a team.

Is it really that scary?

It is really all just for laughs, so go out there for a good time.