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It is that time of year again when Northern Farm switches it all up for you to enjoy sheer mountain biking adventure. The trails that you know and love are all switched up for one day only. The change in trail direction and combination of exclusive neighboring farms and reserves makes you feel like you are riding somewhere completely new.

It is the perfect preperation for the stage racing season ahead, no other race puts you through this amount of variety in terms of groomed single trail and blazingly fast GP track.

There is a route suited to all riding abilities, kickstart the year and sign up now.

Featuring exclusive trails from Northern Farm, Hills and Dales & the Crocodile River Reserve.

17 FEBRUARY 2024




Named for our one of our amazing partners at Mad Giant Brewery. The gauntlet stands out as one of Jozi's toughest and rewarding MTB races. This is because of the vast amount of single trail throughout the course, with the longest section being 22km. Add to that the rewarding beauty of the exclusive use of the Crocodile River Reserve.

Our champagne course takes you through Northern Farm in a way that you will never otherwise be able to ride at the farm, this is all before sending you into the hills of the Crocodile River Reserve where the mountains rise to meet you.

Don't be intimidated though, the trails are rewarding and equally as beautiful.

R345 pp.
828m asc.
Technicality Moderate
85% Single Trail
Seeded Event
R8000 Prize Money

Start times from 06:10

Number collection at Northern Farm from 05:30



The 45km route boasts the perfect combination of single trail set for XC racing and district roads. The race itself utilizes reverse routes through Northern Farm and it's neighboring reserves in the Rhenosterspruit area, this is something that is completely exclusive to this event.

The 40km MTB features around 65% fast, flowing and well-groomed single trail for you to unleash your inner racing snake on. The counterflow of the trails also provides a completely new perspective to racing at Northern Farm. Entrants to this category will love the fast paced nature of the route.

R295 pp.
622m asc.
Technicality Moderate
65% Single Trail
Seeded Event
R3000 Prize Money

Start times from 07:10

Number collection at Northern Farm from 06:15



This route presents an option to all those looking for bang for their buck, it is not technically challenging at all, but does feature around 80% single trail which adds to the sheer enjoyment of being out there.

The trail is only made of routes inside Northern Farm and does not feature any outside trails, the routes are counterflow to what you may already know at the farm which makes for a great change of perspective. It provides a feeling of cycling somewhere completely new.

We recommend this route to juniors and all those looking for trail riding adventure.

411m asc.
Technicality Low
80% Single Trail
Seeded Event
No Prize Money

Start times from 08:10

Number collection at Northern Farm from 07:15


E-BIKE trail boss

Oh, it's on! A dedicated e bike racing category. One batch only and only for those with a seeding index of 30 or better. Yes, ebikes are still permitted to enter other events, but this is the only event offering actual prize money to it's winners. This route and event does not allow for battery changes, plan your assault on this course carefully.

This is the exact same course as the event's flagship 65km race. Capped to just 60 riders in one batch only, the 65km ebike race will depart 10 minutes after the non-ebike race A batch has gone off.
We will also be allowing for a significant gap for the batch to follow this category.

R345 pp.
828m asc.
Technicality Moderate
85% Single Trail
Seeded Event
R4200 Prize Money

Start time 06:10

Number collection at Northern Farm from 05:30


The Jackal Dash is Northern Farm’s flagship MTB event, we look forward to hosting you.

Date : 17 February 2024

Venue : Northern Farm – Start & Finish at Northern Farm

What do you get with your entry?

Merchandise to 1st 200 registrants  |  Free bike wash & lube  |  Race medals to all finishers

Times : –

65km Start times from 06:00

65km Ebike Start time  06:10

45km Start times from 07:20

25km Start times from 08:10

Number collection : –

We will notify you of number collection points in the run up to the event. If you have ordered merch, please come collect it only after your race.


Event Seedings : –

We will be making use of SAS Seeding, please be sure to check your SAS seeding status ahead of the time as we do not handle your seedings from other events. Seeding and race info will be sent to you around before close of business on Thursday the 15th of February via sms and email.

e-Bikes : –

We do welcome the use of e-Bikes in this event, however there is only one officially recognized ebike racing category. The 65km ebike race which is limited to riders with a seeding index of 30 and lower. Please visit SAS to view your seeding as we do not handle that.

Event timing : –

Timing boards will be provided with live electronic chip and OCR tracking. These can be collected on event day at Northern Farm.

Event merchandise : –

Event merchandise will be made available to the 1st 200 riders only, after that you can still purchase online at 60% discount up until 14 days before the event.




  • Are the routes marked or GPS?

    The 60km and 40km utilize GPS and marking. Whilst the 25km is just route marking.  We understand that signs can be moved, be it by livestock or accident. The best option is to have GPS as backup to our signage as GPS cannot be tampered with.  The routes are all clearly marked with red arrows on white boards.

  • When will we receive the GPX file?

    These are sent out 2 days prior to the event only. You will receive and email and sms. This will be sent out with your seeding. Please keep an eye out on the Thursday ahead of the race, the same content will be posted to the website where you will also be able to view seedings.

  • Can I ride my e-bike?

    You are welcome to ride your e-bike. * Please note though that we only have one official ebike category, all e-bikes will be seeded in batch C or lower and e-bikes must be declared when entering. If you arrive with an ebike that has not declared, you will be moved to the back of the race.

  • How old do I have to be?

    We advise 16 years or older for the 60km
    For the 40km 12 - 16 years
    For the 20km 8 - 12 years 

  • What if it rains?

    Generally, our grass grows greener. 

    In terms of the event, there is nothing the organisers can do about rain. It is the nature of outdoor events and we will do everything in our power to make sure the ride still goes ahead safely come rain or shine. It is mountain biking after all...

    For your further peace of mind, the team at Northern Farm have spent the last 10 months building extra drainage to make sure our trails do not flood.

  • Is this a CSA event?

    This event is not organised by CSA, we will not be working with CSA sanctioning on the event. All necessary JOC approvals, safety plans, PLI's, emergency management plans and licenses are in place.

  • When will I receive my race info?

    All race info is only sent out around Thursday afternoon ahead of the race. We first wait until all entries are in, then we need to wait for seeding to be completed and only then can we send you the info you require.

  • Can I swap batches

    Once batches have been selected you will not be able to change forward, you will only be able to drop back.  A 2 hour time penalty will be enforced on anybody found to be jumping forward. This will further effect any seedings you have negatively.

  • Can I substitute?

    Yes, you can substitute until 48 hours prior to the event, you will need to provide consent from the person being replaced. Kindly email your details with the consent to


  • What is our refund policy?

    I have to pull out for some reason. What is the refund policy? 

    Please see our refund tiers and periods below : -
    Outside of 45 days from the event. 50% refund 45 - 14 days from the event. 25% refund within 14 days of the event. No refund. You can however sell your entry to somebody wishing to substitute in. You will need to follow our online substitution process, this applies until 48 hours prior to the race, there after we cannot make changes as seeding is applied. 

  • I don't have a seeding, now what?

    You do not have to have a seeding to race. If you are not seeded, you will be placed into one of the later batches. Seeding is earned through taking part in various events, we will respect that right which has been earned by those who have shown their goods in other events.

  • Can the event be cancelled?

    If for any reason beyond our control the event is forced to cancel the race due to severe weather conditions, pandemic, act of God or insurrection or fires that puts riders’ safety at risk, the riders will not have any claim against the organisers or any of their sponsors of whatsoever nature in these circumstances. Northern Farm reserves the right to change the route for inter alia, safety and security reasons without notice. If the Jackal Dash is cancelled in total as a last resort due to events beyond our control (force majeure) – relating to, inter alia, political turmoil, natural disasters, strikes, protest action or any other major disturbance beyond our control, riders will have no claim whatsoever including but not limited to a refund against the organisers or any of their sponsors. This will include entry fees and or flights and other expenses. We will do everything in our power to reroute and to run the event in a safe and secure manner should any event of force majeure arise.

  • When will photos be ready?

    Our photographers take around a week to process and edit all the event images. When this is done, we will send you an sms and email with a link to images.

    Thank you for your patience in this regard.



The 2023 installment of the Jackal Dash will be recognizing the following prize categories : –

65km Giants Guantlet

Mens & Ladies 1st – 3rd places

R2500, R1000, R500

65km ebike champ

1st to 3rd only

R1500, R800, R500

45km Weekend Warrior

Mens & Ladies 1st – 3rd places

R800, R600, R400

25km Sprint Champ

Mens & Ladies 1st – 3rd place

*No cash prizes, only hamper prizes available. 


*Riders not present for prize giving will forfeit their prize. It is required for there to be at least 3 riders in your category.

What about other prize categories?

Unfortunately although we would like to, we are not big enough to provide prizes for 1st – 3rd in category, ie. Grand Master, Junior… If we were to follow this route, there would be over 48 prize categories on the day.



Seedings are earned by riders by taking part in various events prior to the race and earning your batch. The better your seeding is, the better your start time. If we put somebody slower ahead of you, you may be caught up behind them in the single trail and ruin another then ruin another riders race. For this reason alone, we do not very easily move seedings and respect the rights of those who earned their spots.

Being a weekend warrior and winning a KOM on a segment or two does not mean you will have a great seeding. You can check this for yourself on SAS, the external service provider we use for seeding the event.


To view your start time, please enter EITHER your ID number OR bib number below : –

Please, do not email us with a request to change your seeding, rather click on the details tab next to your start time and follow the process there. If you application is approved we will update your seeding by 13:00 on Friday the 16th of February.



We look forward to seeing you out there this weekend. Please be sure to carry proper hydration with you, we do have a water point on each route at 32km (65km race), 27km (45km race), 16km (25km race). Please be sure to start hydrated and have plenty of hydration with you.

Onto the fun stuff! It’s fast, very fast out there. Please take note of several points : –

– e Bikes, just be lekker and friendly to those racing for category

– in case of emergency, please follow this procedure Emergency procedure – Northern Farm

– a technical issue is not an emergency, please carry spares with you

– please only arrive 45 minutes before your start time to collect your number, please show us a your phone screen with your name and bib number on it as represented in the form above this where you found your start time

– race results will be live on this website

– race photos will take around a week for us to release