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The following rules are for YOUR safety and you legally agreed abide by them when you purchase a ticket.

1. Northern Farm operates a NO Helmet, NO Ride policy and embraces the International Mountain Biking Association rules of the trail.
2. Keep left on jeep tracks and ride in single file
3. Never ride more than two abreast on the roads
4. Obey the signs at all times, particularly the no entry signs which are placed for your own safety
5. Animals ALWAYS have the right of way
6. No littering under any circumstances
7. Never ride single tracks in the wrong direction
8. Be considerate to other farm users
9. Do not leave the established tracks and ride on virgin soil
10. Farm vehicles have the right of way



NOW, THEREFORE I, the purchaser, bearer or any person entering the premises on power of this ticket, hereby agree and undertake
not to claim from the Northern Farm Recreational User Group (NFRUG), its committee or members,
Johannesburg Water (JW), the owner or proprietor or any -of its officials or employees and further indemnify and hold NFRUG, JW,
the owner or proprietor and its officials harmless in respect of any claim for injury, damage, loss including but not limited to negligence,
arising out of or during a visit by either me or any person accompanying me on my visit under the power of this ticket,
as also in respect of all legal and other expenses that may be incurred by NFRUG, JW the owner,
proprietor or employees and officials in examining, resisting or settling any such claims.
I further acknowledge and declare that l have full legal capacity to enter into and give this indemnity.
By purchasing this ticket and indemnity l acknowledge that I have read and understand
the rules of this Nature Reserve and agree to abide by same.

In the event of an emergency, please do the following:-

– Call for an ambulance from Fourways life, they take 8 minutes to get to the farm
– Call our gate and inform them of the emergency, please look at the nearest trail sign and
tell them what the name on it is. We will escort the ambulance to you directly
– Gate number 060 708 6384